Sea of Thieves was revealed last year at Microsoft’s E3 2015 press conference. Since then, they’ve pretty much been on radio silence, save for the occasional reassurancethat Rare is still chugging along on the project.


Last year, Rare reminded us of their incredible legacy with Rare Replay, a collection of some of their best games over the past three decades. Their style, tone, and creativity is singular in the industry, which is why we’re so incredibly excited for Sea of Thieves. The prospect of Rare taking on a massive, whimsical pirate adventure is simply too good to ignore.

From everything we’ve heard, Sea of Thieves is going to be a massive, ambitious multiplayer game on the scale of Destiny and The Division. The thing is, aside form last year’s trailer and a few bits of info throughout the months, we don’t really know exactly what we’ll be doing in Sea of Thieves. Will we be able to customize our own ships? Sail through uncharted waters and stumble upon mysterious islands? How many friends will we be able to swashbuckle alongside? We’re hoping Microsoft and Rare answer some of these questions at E3.

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9.5/10. It’s been one year since we saw Sea of Thieves, and it’s a safe bet that it’ll be a major part of Microsoft’s conference this E3.


This week’s Nintendo Voice Chat is jam packed with a great lineup of contributors! Skip down to the next section if you want to answer our Zelda-themed Question of the Week.

If you’re here for the regular podcast, then you’re here for a treat. In the first half of our show, host Jose Otero is joined by an elite Pokemon panel of Miranda Sanchez, Armando Torres, and Kallie Plagge, as the crew reacts to the latest Pokemon info. Then, after the break, Otero is joined by Brian Altano, Peer Schneider, and special guest David “GrandPOOBear” Hunt to talk about speedrunning, the struggle between Nintendo and the hardcore members of the Super Mario Maker community, and the rest of the games announced for Nintendo’s E3 2016 livestream.

During our conversation with GrandPOOBear we talked about his world first clear of Cape Escape, a notoriously difficult level in the Super Mario Maker community. Watch the full run here. Check out his other videos on YouTube.

Question of the Week

The Road to E3: The Next Legend of Zelda


E3 2016 is less than two weeks away, and Nintendo plans to lift the covers and reveal a whole lot of Zelda info. So, it that got the staff of NVC thinking: What do you hope to see from the next chapter in the Legend of Zelda at E3 2016? We already know the new entry will focus on a fresh open world where you can go anywhere, that Link is riding around without his signature tunic and a whole lot of gear, and that there’s a mysterious book with a Sheikah-like tunic attached to his tunic.

Email us [email protected] the subject line “Zelda at E3 2016” for a chance to have your answer read on the next episode.


For decades, mods have granted PC gamers the freedom to tweak, change, and improve their experiences. Bethesda games in particular, with their massive worlds and wide breadth of things to do and see, are ripe for the modding.

From simple bug-fixes to a mod that changes all Deathclaws into killer Thomas the Tank Engines, almost anything you’d want (or didn’t know you’d want) in a game like Fallout 4 exists.

This particular list of Fallout 4 mods is a bit more grounded, focusing on making the Commonwealth even more beautiful without altering gameplay. You can even download some of these mods for Fallout 4 on Xbox One.

Karl Urban Reveals His Favorite Star Trek Movie and Episodes

Dammit, Jim — he’s a doctor, not a podcast guest! Karl Urban beams in to Transporter Room 3 for a chat about Star Trek Beyond, his favorite TOS episodes, and why he thinks The Motion Picture is the best Trek movie!


Yep, this is the second part of our Star Trek Beyond Fan Event-palooza. Last episode we broke down (like a degraded transporter pattern) all the details on the footage shown at that event, and now we talk to Doctor “Bones” McCoy himself about those scenes and more. Do you need a convincing argument for why Star Trek: The Motion Picture is way better than most people give it credit for? Then listen to what Urban has to say…


And of course we also pay tribute to another Red Shirt of the Week — a whole bunch of them, actually. These guys may not have been Starfleet, but they sure loved them some ketracel-white…


We talk with the reviewer about the huge new Fallout DLC. Just how good is it?

Jared. Miranda, and Brendan chat with reviewer Dan Stapleton about Fallout 4: Far Harbor’s merits and flaws, a new companion, and the pantheon of Bethesda DLC releases…plus a little E3 enthusiasm for good measure. Enjoy your apocalypse!

You can also listen via direct download.

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Things Overwatch Doesn’t Tell You

Overwatch is a fast paced, hero centric shooter with tons of abilities and weapons. With so much going on, it’s understandable that a few things slipped through the cracks, and have remained unexplained. Below is our list of various things, whether big or small, that Overwatch forgot to tell us about!

Unique Character Key Bindings

Did you know that you can set up Key Bindings for specific characters? By heading into the options screen, and clicking Controls, you can find the Key Bindings section. In the top right, you can see a dropdown, that lets you pick which heroes bindings you wish to change.

This won’t be utilized by everyone, but it’s handy for those of us out there who like to specifically customize which button does what, and for whom. What makes this particularly nice, is that you can also adjust sensitivities for each hero. Notice Tracer bounces around too much, but you didn’t want to ruin your other characters aim speed? Simply hop in the options and slow Tracer down without changing anyone else!

The Payload Can Heal You

This is something that’s easy to miss in the heat of battle, but when playing a map that has a Payload you need to escort, try and stay near it! As long as you’re near it and not taking damage, the Payload can heal you at a similar rate to that of Lucio. This is incredibly useful, as it keeps you in top shape as you fight off the Defenders.

Symmetra’s Teleporter Has An Exit Direction

The character of Symmetra has a very useful teleporter as an Ultimate skill. It allows her to get allies from the spawn point, back into the action quickly. However, bad placement can lead to characters getting lost, stuck or even killed.

When placing the teleporter pad, make sure that the exit is facing in a safe and open direction. Which side is the exit? The side that faces your character. So if you have your back against a wall, then place the teleporter, all your allies will come out and slam against the wall you had your back against. The same will occur if your up against a ledge, leading to your teammates death!

Armor and Shields

We all know how health works, but do you know what Armor and Shields do for your character?

Well Armor, as the name implies, blocks some damage. Any damage you take is reduced by 5 when hitting Armor, unless of course the shot would of done less than 5 to begin with. This may not seem like much, but it can add up pretty quickly when fighting someone like Tracer or Soldier 76 who shoot tons of bullets quickly.

Shields don’t offer damage reduction, but instead will regenerate when lost. Any character who starts with shields, like Zenyatta, or is given shields from Symmetra, will be able to regenerate those lost shield points after they’ve remained out of combat for a few seconds.


With the Tarly clan having just been formally introduced on Game of Thrones, and Sam having to suffer through a cruel lecture from his loathsome father Randyll, we thought it would be a great time to scour through Westeros and shine a spotlight on all the bad dads. Also, Father’s Day is right around the corner! So buckle up for some lousy, abhorrent treatment by some poor, prickly paterfamiliases.


We suppose one could consider themselves lucky to wind up with someone like Ned Stark as a father, but considering all the misery his kids have been through since his stubborn, noble death, it’s almost a toss up. Still, better someone “honorable” like Ned than a devout nut like Stannis or a cold, calculating tyrant like Tywin.

The the realm full of daddy issues galore, here are the worst fathers on Game of Thrones…